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MIA Posts Highest Passenger Volume in 201704 Jan 2018

Macau International Airport (MIA) registered strong performance last year to achieve new records for passenger traffic in 2017.  During the year, MIA welcomed 7.16 million arriving and departing passengers and handled over 58,000 aircraft movements, representing an increase of 8% and 2.8% respectively.  It is the highest passenger traffic MIA has achieved in a year since its 22 years of operation, and accomplished over 11 times of the local population.  In December, it was the peak season for travel during Christmas and New Year's Eve holiday, there are 29 airlines operate at Macau International Airport (MIA) connecting Macau to some 46 destinations covering area in mainland China, China Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia attracted more local and international travelers. Among them, the passenger traffic from routes of Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia have accounted for 43% of the total passenger volume of the airport.


MIA hit a new passenger traffic volume record in 2017, the successful achievement came from the joint efforts and close cooperation among each of our business partners, to cope with Macao SAR Government policy to building up Macau into a World Center of Tourism and Leisure and making full use of the airport advantages. In 2017, MIA expanded our air network by adding 6 new international routes, including Changzhou of China, Sihanoukville of Cambodia, Siem Reap of Cambodia, Jakarta of Indonesia and Johor Bahru of Malaysia, at the same time, the inauguration of regular transit flight from Macau to Lisbon via Beijing.  It helps to further expand the air network at MIA.  MIA always encourages airlines to increase frequencies in the potential market, especially on long haul routes. MIA once again used the 5th freedom right to develop mid-long haul destinations such as charter flight service to Russia.  MIA also successfully attracted 5 new Airlines flying to Macau namely Lanmei Airlines, Indonesia Air Asia, Beijing Capital Airlines, JC Cambodia International Airlines and JSC Royal Flight Airlines.  The addition of new carriers and new routes bringing more choices and conveniences to travelers. In 2017, China Taiwan market remains stable while Southeast Asia market and Mainland China market increased by 10% and 15% respectively.  There was a growth of 32% in passengers taking low cost airlines.


Macau International Airport witnessed steady growth in both passenger traffic and aircraft movement in 2017, laying a solid foundation for expanding the airport's air network in 2018.  MIA will continue to serve as the air bridge connecting Macau to the world in 2018. In the aspect of market development, we will fully develop long-haul route, aiming to increase and change the current passenger market structure, thus attracting more international and local travelers flying to and from MIA. With the development of the market demand, the airport will continue to develop e-commerce and Virtual Terminal.  In addition, the airport has kept upgrading the conditions of its hardware and software. In 2018, a number of infrastructure projects is expected to be completed which include the north terminal building expansion project, upon completion, the airport capacity will increase to 7.5 million passengers per annual.  In 2018, MIA will continue close cooperation with all business partners providing high-quality, safe and efficient services for passengers, letting them to enjoy a pleasant journey at MIA.