• Nightlife

    Bars and Discos


    Macau's Nightlife is famous for its variety, its frantic pace and constant change. For night owls this is a city that never sleeps, with plenty of bars, shops and restaurants, as well as casinos, open all night long. Visitors will have no problem if they wish to get a delicious meal or go dancing in the middle of the night.


    If you are looking for bars and pubs, you will find a great number of them along the Avenida Sun Yat Sen close to the Kum Iam Statue and the Cultural Centre. With its picturesque location, facing the Outer Harbour and Pearl River, you can enjoy the music and the wine while watching the boats gliding by. The music is completely cosmopolitan, with bars throbbing to the rhythms of Brazil, Portugal, England, Africa and every part of Asia. Likewise the songs will come in languages from around the world. In some bars there are live bands performing clients' request, for instance in the bars and pubs in hotels like the Landmark, Holiday Inn, Emperor and Westin.


    There are also some popular pubs on Taipa Island, opposite the Macau Jockey Club, with a casual ambiance which will make visitors feel at home. On Coloane, you can drink under the stars on the terrace of the Pousada de Coloane or sip a glass of Port in the Westin Resort.


    For the most popular trendy discos in town head for NAPE and Avenida do Infante D. Henrique. Here the music is modern with some local touches: international pop sung in Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai or Japanese.


    Cabaret-style entertainment is also on offer, with performance of the Crazy Paris Show daily at Restaurant Portas do Sol of Hotel Lisboa, from 10:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., while in the Jai Alai Show Palace, on the 2nd Floor of the Jai Alai Complex there are continuous performances every night from 7:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.



    In Macau there are plenty of karaoke clubs (mainly in the city centre, Rua dos Pescadores, Estrada do Repouso, and in Taipa Island, near the Jockey Club).They are very popular among locals and visitors. These clubs offer reasonable prices and packages (room and drinks/snacks) to customers and the atmosphere is friendly and clean. A nice opportunity to test your singing skills or a different way to spend time with friends.

  • Sports

    The various sporting complexes and infrastructures in Macau boast state-of-the-art equipments that house our first-class sporting events. Less of a public landmark, but no less impressive are the Tap Seac Multi-sport Pavilion, the IPM Multi-sport Pavilion, the Macau Sport Complex and the Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre located in Macau; the Macau Stadium, the Macau Olympic Aquatic Centre located in Taipa Island; the Macau East Asian Games Dome and the Macau International Shooting Range located in COTAI, etc. All of our facilities have been purpose built, which means that they have unique sport-specific features. Among them are the track and field arena, the Macau Hockey Centre, the soccer field, the tennis court, etc, which allow athletes to perfect new routines safely. These multi-purpose facilities are suitable for international sports events, competitions and concerts.


    For further detail, please visit the following website: www.sport.gov.mo.


    IPM Multisport Pavilion
    The state-of-the art IPM Multisport Pavilion covers a total area of over 6,212 m2. This modern Pavilion is ideal for different indoor sports, from a variety of x-sports to assorted ball games, and will be connected to the adjacent Macau Forum via a flyover and a short underground passage.

    Address: Rua do Instituto Politécnico, Macau
    Capacity: Total 3,742 seats.
    Parking: 106 vehicles
    Suited Sports: Basketball, Karate-do, Taekwando, Wushu, Handball, Badminton, Futsal, Table Tennis and Volleyball.


    Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre
    Address: Nam Van Lake
    Capacity: 882 fixed seats and space for 2,500 temporary seats
    Suited Sports: Dragon Boat, Rowing, Canoeing.


    Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion
    A modern indoor multisport complex that will cover a total area of more than 5,530 m2, and is suitable for a variety of indoor sports, from aerobics, gymnastics to different ball games.

    Address: Rua de Ferreira do Amaral, Macau
    Capacity: Total 3,291 seats
    Parking: 90 vehicles
    Suited Sports: Basketball, Futsal, Gymnastics, Karate-do, Taekwando, Weightlifting, Badminton, Handball, Table Tennis and Volleyball


    Macau Forum
    A popular functional indoor venue that contains a Media working area, broadcasting rooms, VIP area and direct links to the Press and Information Centre.

    Address: Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, Macau
    Parking: 76 vehicles.

    Forum I
    Capacity: Total 4,046 seats
    Suited Sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Wushu, Taekwando, Karate-do, Badminton, Table Tennis, Futsal, DanceSport, Roller Hockey

    Forum II
    Capacity: 345 fixed seats
    Suited Sports: Suitable for certain indoor sports.
    Functions as a warm-up hall for Forum I.


    Macau Olympic Aquatic Centre
    The Macau Olympic Aquatic Centre covers a total area of 10,172.7 m2. It has been built with a diving pool of 25 metres by 25 metres that has an adjustable base reaching a maximum depth of 5 metres, and a 10-lane standard swimming pool, 50 metres in length.

    Address: Rua do Desporto, Taipa, Macau.
    Capacity: 1,500 fixed seats
    Swimming Pool - Suited Sports: Aquatic sports, including swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo to fin swimming.
    Diving Pool - Suited Sports: Diving. Also can function as a warm-up pool when competitions are held in the main pool.


    Macau Stadium
    The Macau Stadium covers an area of 35,585 m2, suitable for a number of sports and cultural events, from track and field to football, and concerts to Opening Ceremony.

    Address: Av. Olimpica, Taipa, Macau
    Parking: 250 vehicles
    Capacity: Total 15,490 seats
    Suited Sports: Football, Track and Field Athletics


    Macau Stadium Pavilion
    Address: Av. Olimpica, Taipa, Macau
    Parking: 250 vehicles
    Capacity: Total 908 seats
    Suited sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Wushu, Taekwando, Karate-do, Badminton, Table Tennis, Futsal, Gymnastics, Acrobatic Cycling.


    Macau Hockey Centre
    Adjacent to the Macau Stadium, the Macau Hockey Centre is known to meet the highest requirement of the International Hockey Federation (FIH). Covering a total area of 11,600 m2, the Macau Hockey Centre offers a high quality artificial grass field with an extensive run-off area.

    Address: Av. Olimpica, Taipa, Macau
    Capacity: 1,000 fixed seats
    Parking: 250 vehicles
    Suited Sport: Hockey


    Football Field (Macau University of Science and Technology)
    Address: Located at the campus of Macao University of Science and Technology
    Capacity: 1,700 fixed seats
    Suited Sports: Football, Track and Field


    Macau East Asian Games Dome
    Situated in COTAI, the Macau East Asian Games Dome will be Macau's largest and most modern sport facility, a three-storey multi-purpose sport complex covering a total area of 139,960 m2 and has been designed with two separate functional indoor pavilions ideal for different indoor sports and activities, as well as a large exhibition hall that can accommodate up to 2,000 people.

    Address: Zone of COTAI

    Capacity: Total 7,087 seats
    Suited Sports: Gymnastics, Volleyball, Basketball, Wushu, Taekwondo, Handball, Karate-do, Badminton, Table Tennis, Futsal, all ball sports, Martial Sports, DanceSport, Indoor Track and Field, Extreme Sports

    Capacity: 1,992 fixed seats
    Suited Sports: With a central stage and its U-shape spectators setting, this is ideal for different exhibition sports, e.g Dance Sport

    Exhibition Centre
    Area: 2,700m2
    Functions: Ideal for large banquets, exhibitions and meetings, could also be the venue for various indoor sports, including Weightlifting.

    Macau International Convention Centre
    Area: 3,000m2
    Capacity: 2,000 people


    Macau International Shooting Range
    Adjacent to the Macau East Asian Games Dome, the Macau International Shooting Range will cover a total area of 73,600 m2 and is to be built for 10 metres, 25 metres and 50 metres shooting.

    Address: Zone of COTAI

    10M Shooting Range
    Capacity: Total 436 seats.
    Suited Sports: Air Pistol (men/women), Air Rifle (men/women), Running Target(men/women)

    25M Shooting Range
    Capacity: Total 328 seats
    Suited Sports: Rapid-Fire Pistol (men), Standard Pistol (women)

    50M Shooting Range
    Capacity: Total 506 seats.
    Suited Sports: Rifle 3 Positions (men/women), Rifle Prone (men/women), Air Rifle (men) Finals

    Shooting Range
    Capacity: Total 524 seats.
    Suited Sports: Pistol (men/women), Air Rifle (men/women)


    Tennis Academy & Bowling Centre
    Address: Zone of COTAI
    Tennis Academy facilities: 1 centre court with 880 spectator seats, 8 outdoor tennis courts and an administrative building
    Bowling Facilities: 24 bowling lanes, with 300 seats installed during the competition, a restaurant, 3 squash courts
    Suited Sports: Tennis, Soft Tennis, Bowling


  • Swimming

    There are a number of pools in Macau which are ideal for safe and enjoyable swimming: the Estoril Swimming Pool located in Estrada da Vitória; the Sun Yat Sen Swimming Pool inside the Sun Yat Sen Park; Hác Sá Swimming Pool and Cheoc Van Swimming Pool on Coloane Island. Enquiries on opening hours and admission fees: tel:(853) 2833 7676 or visit the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau website.


    The swimming pools in the Tamagnini Barbosa Sports Centre (Centro Desportivo Tamagnini Barbosa) and the Bosco College Sports Complex (Complexo Desportivo do Colégio D. Bosco) in Macau; the Carmo Swimming Pool and the one at the Macau Olympic Aquatic Centre on Taipa are also open to public. Enquiries on opening hours and admission fees please call (853) 2823 6363 or visit the Macau Sport Development Board website.


    Besides, the Cheoc Van beach and the Hác Sá beach on the Coloane are also popular with swimmers and sunbathers.