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Chairman Deng Jun Paid Courtesy Visit to North China Regional ATMB of Civil Aviation of China12 Feb 2019

Dr. Deng Jun - Chairman of Executive Committee of Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) led a delegation to pay courtesy visit to Mr. Mu Yang - Deputy Director of North China Regional Air Traffic Management Bureau (ATMB) of Civil Aviation of China, the  business research and discussion laid the foundation for future cooperation.

Dr. Deng visited the Production and Operation Center of North China Regional ATMB which would be put into operation this year. It is the first production and business center in the whole air traffic control system that integrates operation management, network communication, equipment operation monitoring, meteorological service, comprehensive support and other business units. Its application will improve the overall level of flight operation management and air traffic control service quality, thus greatly improving the normal operation rate of flights in China. Dr. Deng introduced the main achievements and future development of Macau International Airport (MIA). MIA had completed its Communication, Navigation & Surveillance (CNS) Replace and Upgrade Project with the assistance of North China Regional ATMB in 2012, Dr. Deng expressed thanks for years of support and help. Mr. Mu introduced the first HUD90 test flight conducted recently at Beijing Capital International Airport, which could improve the operational efficiency of the airport in low-visibility weather. This technology is suitable for use at the MIA in foggy and rainy weather. Mr. Mu expressed North China Regional ATMB would continue to support and cooperate with MIA and increase efforts to ensure punctuality of flights, so as to contribute to the better development of MIA.

CAM Delegation including Ms. Yuan Weifang - Chief Representative of Beijing Representative Office, Ms. Vicki Mou - Deputy Chief of Executive Committee Office, Ms. Miley Kou – Manager of Corporate Communication & Policy Research Office and Ms. Song Yue – Secretary of Beijing Representative Office.