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CAM Executive Committee and AACM Inspect Security Construction Project Implementation and Improvement Works Progress24 Sep 2019

Dr. Deng Jun, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) and Mr. Leong Sio Pui, the Executive Director of CAM, went to have site visit at airport with Mr. Pun Wa Kin, Vice President of the Civil Aviation Authority of Macao on 23rd Sept 2019, to inspect the progress of relevant security projects and improvement projects, the implementation and situation encountered.

The delegation went to the site of the newly implemented Check in Baggage Screening process, which was generally running smooth. Currently, each passenger needs 10 to 15 seconds to complete the baggage inspection process. Dr. Deng Jun and Mr. Leong Sio Pui believed that there was still room for improvement. The process will be continued to optimize in the future to reduce passengers’ waiting time. The new airport access pass processing room is being prepared for renovation. Mr. Leong Chan Pon, Security Manager of Airport Operations Department of CAM, introduced the new requirement on security and reasonable separation of the room, which is believed, can effectively improve the safety management.

At the site of the Security Physical Separation Project, Mr. Zhang Jie, General Manager of China Construction Engineering (Macau) Co., Ltd. and Mr. Cui Guangqing, the Deputy General Manager, introduced that there is considerable difficulties in the construction at restricted area of the airport, but the progress of the project was ideal. Vice President of AACM Mr. Pun Wa Kin believed that the project can be completed according to schedule is the result of coordination among the airport, AACM, relevant government departments and the construction company. Mr. Sun Shabo, Consultant of CNS of AACM, was satisfied with the separations that do not affect the signal of the CNS system after the observation on site. Dr. Deng and Mr. Leong expressed concern on the safe operation of the engineering staff, and emphasized that "safety" is the fundamental purpose of operating at the airport, and on this basis, the pursuit of "efficiency and benefit".

Finally, at the hangar area rented by Air Macau, Deputy General Manager of the Aircraft Maintenance Department Mr. Chen Qiuqiang introduced the company's tool management and procedures, which is organized in a clear and orderly numbering, effectively avoiding the possibility of loss and theft.

Other delegates include: Mr. Livio Fong, Safety Officer (Security) of AACM; Ms. Katy Lo, Director of Executive Committee Office of CAM, Ms. Vicki Mou, Director of Corporate Communication & Policy Research Office of CAM, Mr. Antonio Barros, Director of Airport Operations Department of CAM and others.

new Check in Baggage Screening process

new airport access pass processing room

At the site of the Security Physical Separation Project-1

At the site of the Security Physical Separation Project-2

At the site of the Security Physical Separation Project-3

tool management and procedures at hangar area rented by Air Macau