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The Delegation of Civil Aviation Administration of China Visited Macau International Airport Company Ltd.27 Oct 2010

Mr.Xia Xinghua, Deputy Director of Civil Aviation Administration of China led a delegation to visit Macau International Company Ltd.on October 27, 2010 to better understand the current development process of Macau International Airport, and the market orientation in the future. Dr. Deng Jun, Chairman of Macau International Airport warmly welcomes the CAAC delegations. Follow by Ms. Liu Suning. Executive Director of Macau International Airport Co. Ltd introduced the latest development of Macau International Airport. CAAC delegation included Mr. Xiongjie, Deputy Officer of Aviation Safety Office, Mr. Liu Rengang, Director of 2nd Station of Public Security Bureau and Mr. Chu LiYong, Secretary to Deputy Director of Comprehensive Department.

Dr. Deng Jun, Chairman of Macau International Airport Company Ltd stated at the welcome speech: This year is 15th Anniversary of Macau International Airport. During fifteen years operation, Macau International Airport was recorded carried over 53 million passengers, carried 1.63million tones cargo, over 520 thousands aircrafts movement. Over 4,000 people were employed at Macau International Airport with only 500 thousands populations city. Facing the numerous crisis and difficulties, Macau International Airport has been taking proactive measure to go through and has been successfully maintain profits within a decade, ensure the safety operation. Macau International Airport was awarded by International Aviation Institution several time. It can be summarized: First the Motherland with sustained economic development, promote sustained economic development of Macau SAR; followed by the Macau SAR Government’s active policy of open skies, in order to attract more airlines to enter the Macao market and create favorable conditions. In addition, it is critical to the success as the right decision made by the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee as well as the innovation of teamwork provided.  
Ms. Liu Suning, Executive Director of CAM had also introduced the development process of Macau International Airport in which provide the connection between China and Taiwan at the early stage, and developing to an International multifunctional airport nowadays with the core mission “Safety, Efficiency and Effectiveness.” Moreover, Ms. Liu Suning also introduced the future development planning regarding the issue on strengthen the runway, replacement of baggage conveyor systems, ramp safety management system innovation and international training projects, business transformation plan, virtualization Airport, Green Airport and Culture Airport Program, etc.

Mr.Xia Xinghua, Deputy Director of Civil Aviation Administration introduced the development of Civil Aviation Administration of China as well as the current status of Civil Aviation in China, and affirmed the development of the Macau International Airport and our team’s efforts and achievements over the years. Mr. Xia raised four suggestions to Macau International Airport, which included: a) Safety is the first priority, it is critical to maintain the safety operation in mind so as to implementing the safety standardization of International Civil Aviation Organization. b) Market Development, Macau International Airport was position as small and medium multifunctional International Airport, with an obviously different role in comparing with neighbor airports, and we should further extend this position for the future development, besides, with high, medium and low strategies in order to cope with the local tourism development, attracting the low cost carrier in China and other countries. c) Providing qualification services had always been the core to attract the tourists in the neighbor regions. d) With the supporting from the Chinese Centre Government, the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and Macau Government, to set up an attractive incentive to the airlines to develop Macau market and attract more passengers. Finally, Mr. Xia expressed that CAAC will continue to support Macau Aviation development.
Mr. Xia Xing hua, Deputy Director of Civil Aviation Administration is taking the change of 47th DGCA Conference to visit Macau International Airport Company Ltd, in which to show that CAAC and himself are very support Macau International Airport.

Mr. Lo Keng Chio, President of Assembleia Geral, Mr. Ng Fok, Executive Director of CAM, Mr. Mr. Tsui Wai Kwan, Executive Director of CAM and all staffs of CAM attended the foresaid Conference.