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비행기 선박 수송

선박 비행기 수송- 탑승서비스


  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), service will be temporarily unavailable until further notice

    Hong Kong Macau International Airport

    • 1

      The passenger arrives at the "Express Link" service counter at Shop 103, 1/F, Shun Tak Centre, Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal, Hong Kong.

    • 2

      Passengers are required to present valid air ticket for the day. Our professional team will arrange passengers to take the ferry to the Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal.

    • 3

      Passengers arrive at the Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal. Our professional team will pick up passengers at the disembarkation location to take the shuttle bus to the "Express Link" service waiting area. Passengers' luggage will also be transferred to the "Express Link" service waiting area. Please bring your own luggage before boarding the shuttle bus.

    • 4

      Passengers of the "Express Link" service do not need to go through Macao immigration and customs procedures.

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      Passengers arrive at the "Express Link" security check-in area at the Macau International Airport by shuttle bus. After passing the security check, they will go to the "Express Link" service counter to go through the relevant check-in procedures. After the check-in, a special person will guide the passengers to the corresponding boarding gates of their flight.

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      "Sea-to-Air passengers" are those taking sea vessels from Hong Kong and arriving at the Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal, then continuing via the Macau International Airport to their final.


    Express Link Bus Schedule
    Bus Reference & Departure Time
    From Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal To Macau International Airport
    SA1 11:50
    SA2 15:00
    SA3 17:10
    SA4 18:45


    1.SA: Sea - to - Air Transfer Bus.

    2.“Express Link” check-in service charge is HK$165 (including all the transportation and handling charges from Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal to Macau International Airport, except for the ferry ticket fare)

    3.Passengers can use the "Express Link" service to refund the tax MOP110

    4.Passengers are required to arrive at the "Express Link" service counter at Shun Tak Centre, Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal, 4.5 hours prior to the departure time of the flight.

    Service is available at the following ferry terminals: 

    • HK Macau Ferry Terminal (1-103 Shun Tak Centre)

    • China Ferry Terminal, Kowloon

    • Tuen Mun Ferry Terminal (TurboJET Service Counter, G/F)

    Enquiry Hotlines: 

    • Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal “Express Link” Service Counter 852-28593401

    • Macau International Airport Express Link Service 853-28881228



    • Due to the large number of passengers using the Express Link service and the flight information will change at any time, it is recommended to consult and make an appointment in advance.

    • The departure time of the above Macau International Airport is for passengers' reference only. If there is any delay in the departure due to traffic or customs clearance, the company will not be responsible.