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The 10th Seminar of Virtual Airport Systematic Strategy 27 Jun 2019

Prof. Xue Huacheng, the renowned expert on information technology management, and the information system consultant of Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM), was invited to deliver the 10th seminar on 25th June 2019 at CAM, during which Prof. Xue elucidated the methodology to be employed to continuously further the course of virtualization, and head to the strategic phase of Intelligent Airport for MIA.

Firstly, the progress of the Airport Virtualization Evolution Strategy was reviewed. Ever since Dr. Deng has announced publicly the “ Airport Virtualization Evolution Strategy” in 2008, Macau International Airport has been getting ready effectively, optimizing the overall IT infrastructure construction, and having laid the foundation for the evolution; in the following years from 2013 to 2015, MIA also enhanced the influence of social communication, achieved partly airport E-flow on-line service, in the result of which emerged the preliminary shape of the strategy; the phase between 2016 and 2018 marked the expansion and development with the readiness of V Terminal and V Mall, which enabled the connection together with the interaction between the airport and the city; the “ Airport Virtualization Evolution Strategy” will be on a continuous growth in 2019, expecting to facilitate a paperless and seamless travel flow, and to constantly optimize and upgrade the systems as well as the facilities.   

Prof. Xue then introduced that the Systematic Strategy composed of a series of steps including setting the mission, vision, orientation, motive, goal and policy, and the realization of the Strategy must undergo planning, design, implementation, verification and evaluation. Strategies vitalize enterprises who will progress steadily with provident visions and executions. Prof. Xue emphasized that, the lynchpin to implement any Systematic Strategy made of multi-ply systems is to bear the principal of “Delegate Power and Centralize Data”, and to constantly study and improve self-structure. Airport is a complex super system, whose navigational network shall reach out both horizontally and vertically, as Macau is getting more open to the world, as the transportation hub of the city, Macau International Airport shall embark on the provision of data and financial services, think of vision without constraints, consolidate core values and establish platforms. Last but not least, Prof. Xue encouraged all to discern, analyze, implement, summarize, and ultimately to improve the structuralism with the spirit of self-strengthening, self-improving, and never giving up.      

Having invested many years of effort, Macau International Airport has successfully passed through several steps of the airport strategy in respect of Safety, Agility, Green Airport, and Ecology. For the moment, MIA is in the progress of virtualization with the goal of becoming an intelligent airport a step away. During the 2019 China Civil Aviation Development Forum organized by CAAC in May with the theme of intelligent aviation, the technology revolution and the certainty of developing intelligent airports were the focus of the debate, and Prof. Xue’s speech doubtlessly defined the orientation for MIA’s continuous development of virtualization as well as heading towards the phase of Intelligent Airport.

Attendees of the seminar included: Dr. Deng Jun - Chairman of Executive Committee of CAM, Ms. Sharon Wang - Managing Director of Airport Information Management Solutions (AIMS), Mr. Pun Su Peng - Managing Director of SEMAC Security Company and representatives from each company.