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Environment Management Policy

In facing intensified global warming and frequent climate change, tackling climate change has been fused into the overall strategy of national economic and social development. A solemn commitment has been made on striving to achieve “Dual Carbon Goals” of carbon peak and carbon neutrality with adopting more vigorous policies and measures for carbon reduction. To cope with the national development strategy, Macao S.A.R. is also focusing on green development by chartering the direction of attaining the goals for carbon reduction.

Macau International Airport as one of major infrastructures in Macao and the gateway to other countries and regions, Macau International Airport Co. Ltd. (CAM) has a spontaneous sense of responsibility of taking the lead in our respective sector to connect with the overall national and regional green development at an accelerated pace, while managing the Macau International Airport with the core value of "Safety, Efficiency and Effectiveness”. In this regard, CAM has set up the relevant management teams to foster the sectoral stakeholders’ engagement practices through establishing “Airport Environmental Management Programme” with appropriate measures. It materializes the milestone in our trajectory of carbon reduction, resulting to facilitate our Green Airport in a more exemplary way.

This Environmental Management Policy is the unwavering commitment of CAM in its environmental management and carbon reduction. It guides our stakeholders to act out its commitment in line with our green development direction. The principles of CAM’s Policy in green development are focusing on:

  • Actively work with our stakeholders to deliver our climate change mitigation and adaptation measures;
  • Strive to reduce our carbon emissions proactively, commit to working with government and other stakeholders to reach the final destination of net-zero carbon emissions as long-term target;
  • Commit to protecting the environment, including prevention of pollution and minimizing the adverse environmental impacts of its airport management and operational services.
  • Fulfill all compliance obligations and perform regular environmental assessments on the Airport’s operations in order to ensure compliance with the specified requirements from our interested parties;
  • Strive for continual improvement on environmental management system and environmental performance through risk-based thinking, address the respective risks and opportunities of all relevant environmental aspects;
  • Minimize adverse environmental impacts resulting from the life-cycle of airport activities, products and services that interacts or can interact with the environment;
  • Allocate necessary resources on continual improvement on environmental performance during the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle in accordance with the financial and technical capabilities;
  • Commit to consuming energy efficiently, minimizing waste generation, reuse and recycling waste where practicable;
  • Promote protection and enhancement of ecosystems and biodiversity while maintaining the safety operations;
  • Ensure that outsourced processes are controlled and adhered to CAM’s Environmental Management Policy and Airport Environmental Management Programme;
  • Influence and collaborate with our stakeholders to operate to the principles within this Policy and jointly find solutions to the key environmental issues that are beyond the direct control of CAM.

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14 April 2022

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