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MIA Shared Non-aeronautical Business Developing Experience on Civil Aviation Trends Conference 201927 Jun 2019

During 19-20 June, 2019, Civil Aviation Trends Conference 2019 was held by in Beijing. Director of Planning and Commercial Department (PCD) Ms. Winnie Hsu, Representative of Beijing Representative Office Ms. Yuan Weifang from Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) represented to attend the conference. Macau International Airport (MIA) has achieved a total income of 5.52 billion (patacas, same below), in which, the total income of CAM has reached 1.56 billion, non-aeronautical revenue reached 872 million, accounted for 56%. Ms. Hsu gave a speech “Exploration of MIA new business model” and shared the strategy and experience in developing non-aeronautical business of MIA, combined with its positioning and operation policy. As of 2018, the commercial area of MIA was only 5,212 square meters which is less than 10% of the total area of the passenger terminal building, the optimal design and positioning of the business area, as well as the selection of suitable partners through public tender create an open and fair competition marketing environment, which break through the space limitation of MIA, maximize the effectiveness of the company in the limited space resources.

As one of the top events in the aviation and tourism industry with the most international vision in China, The theme of this year is “New models, new technologies, new trends”, centered with "enhancing airports’ competitiveness" and focus on the topics of capacity building in transit, regional economic development and business model innovation. "2018 domestic ten-million-level airport competitiveness index" was released for the first time on the conference. The index ranked 37 domestic ten-million-level airports according to carrying capacity, accessibility, operating efficiency, profitability and other dimensions. With the same standard for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan airports, the total score of MIA is equivalent to the top ten in Mainland China.

Other representatives from CAM are Manager of PCD Ms. Carolina Chang, Manager of Corporate Communication & Policy Research Office Ms. Miley Kou and Secretary of Beijing Representative Office Ms. Song Yue.