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CAM 2019 First Half Year Sum-Up Meeting- Rowing Upstream with Remarkable Performance17 Jul 2019

Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) held first half year sum-up meeting of 2019 on 12th Jul, during which all Department Directors and Offices Representatives presented their achievements as well as the working plans for the upcoming second half year at the presence of Chairman of the Board of Directors – Mr. Ma Iao Hang and Chairman of the Executive Committee – Dr. Deng Jun.

First of all, Chairman of the Board of Directors – Mr. Ma Iao Hang acknowledged all staffs’ hard work which not only have reached the objective of the first half year, but also have paved the substructure as well as the way for the overall development of the second half year. Facing the intricate economic situation and the tension from Sino-US Trade Confrontation, Macau International Airport Team still managed to collaborate with each other and pulled off an impressive achievement, Mr. Ma said. MIA has received more than 4.7 million passengers for the past 6 months, which has a year-on-year 18% increase, over 37,000 aircraft movements were handled, representing an increase of 19.3% ;18,300 tonnes of cargo has been processed which is close to the volume of last year. The company’s total revenue in the first half of 2019 is estimated to have achieved an increase of 18 % over the same period in 2018.  Mr. Ma expects all staff to continue adhering to the core value of MIA, to utilize the infrastructure and facilities provided in the Great Bay Area to improve the interconnection, to play an active role by taking advantage of being a platform, and eventually to facilitate Macau SAR to be a World Tourism and Leisure Center.

Considering the ever growing passenger flow that passes through, to cooperate with the civil aviation and security requirements, Macau International Airport introduced Perimeter Intrusion Detection  System and Crash Barriers to globally upgrade the perimeter fencing; besides, MIA also increased number of CCTV and expanded  its coverage range,  brought in new X-ray machines and ETD (Explosive Trace Detection),  installed gates at the staff channel and equipped it with Face Recognition System, and placed new passenger entry verification systems. As to the optimization of the operation, MIA has installed self-check-in kiosks which will be introduced more in the second half year in order to alleviate the workload at the check-in counters and to enhance the operational efficiency. On the other hand, the ornament of the MIA service center at  Macau Port of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HZMB) as well as the linking between the light rail and the North Extension of Passenger Terminal Building have been completed, which are to be inspected and to put into operation soon after.

With the consistent development of the aviation market, the destination passengers using MIA has increased nearly 18% compared to the same period last year. One new airlines—Sky Angkor Airlines joined MIA’s horizon this year, and 4 new routes including to Nanchang, Wenzhou, Muan in Korea, and Chiang Rai in Thailand have been initiated. There are totally 28 airlines (18 Legacy Airlines and 10 Low Cost Airlines) operating 56 domestic and international routes at MIA for the time being, among which the number of passengers opting for the Legacy Airlines has increased 15% and 25% for the Low Cost Airlines compared to the same period of last year, thus it can be seen that the growth of the passenger market in MIA is still optimistic; meanwhile, the service center at Zhongshan has been officially in operation since March, 2019 which encouraged more passengers from the West of Guangdong Province to travel via MIA; moreover, the setup application of the service center at Hong Kong Port of HZMB will also be settled soon.  As to the freight section, a new airline – Aviastar-TU that operates the freight service between Macau and Clark was brought in, and MIA was awarded the “Best Airport –Asia (under 1m tonnes)” in this year’s Asian Freight, Logistics, and Supply Chain Awards.

In respect of Airport Operations, the RNP AR Procedure that is to substantially optimize the approaching and the landing at MIA Runway 16 has been effective since March, and has been enabled in June; furthermore, MIA conducted emergency/contingency drills and exercises with various scenarios in order to elevate the overall safety and security awareness as well as the responding capability when handling the emergencies. During the summer vacation, the flow of passengers will be expected to increase. Macao International Airport operation unit and relevant market units and infrastructure development unit formed a task force to coordinate flight slots to avoid a high concentration in the same time period. At the same time, the airport operation unit also strives to optimize the passenger flow processing solutions with airlines and ground handling companies to improving service efficiency.

In view of the first half year’s encouraging performance that is beyond the expectations, it is estimated that the total number of passengers will exceed 9.6 million this year, and the aircraft movements will be over 76,000. Macau International Airport will further the exploration of new airlines & destinations, and East Asia cargo routes, optimizing the cooperation within Great Bay Area, and expanding Sea, Land & Air Multimodal Transport.

During the closing speech, Chairman of the Executive Committee – Dr. Deng Jun eulogized the proactive cooperation and coordination among all the Directors of the Departments and their staff who have been working through the adverse economic environment caused by Sino-US Trade Confrontation,  which has mitigated the conflicts between the consistent  growing passenger flow & aircraft movement and the limitation of space & facilities; meanwhile, Dr. Deng stressed that MIA’s management mode must  progress with the time instead of falling into a rut, all of us should take the “Safety, Efficiency, Effectiveness” that has been borne through the past 24 years as an integrated premise before starting any works, and human resource is the most valuable asset, plus the unity of efforts, MIA is able to maintain itself as the role model of Multi-Function Small & Medium International Airport .