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Macau International Airport Commended the Excellence Service of Ground Handling Company15 Aug 2019

Since its operation in December 1995, the Macau International Airport (MIA) encountered various difficulties and challenges throughout the past 24 years, MIA still able to go up against the current and move forward steadily, these achievements depend on the cooperation of various operating units in the airport to cope with MIA’s development and policy, as well as the great contribution to the core value ‘Safety, Efficiency, Effectiveness’.

On July 2019, MIA recorded its busiest month ever that reached over 850,000 passenger movements which mark for the first time in the airport’s 24-years history and set a new airport record as the highest single month passenger traffic.  Facing the rapid development of the airport and the pressure brought by the summer holiday season, the team of Menzies Macau Airport Service Ltd. showed the spirit of dedication, continuously improve operation and management level, and enhance service quality.  Facing the tight labour market in Macau, Menzies launched different measures to recruit more people, and summer workers have been recruited recently, to increase the numbers of ground staffs for check in counters and ensure all counters are open during peak hours.  Also, extra personnel were arranged to divert and guide the passengers as to ease the crowd, and assist passengers to use the self-check-in kiosks in order to speed up the passenger traffic.  Besides, as to further maintain the safe operation of the airport and protect the lives and property of passengers, MIA has strengthened the safety measure.  Ground handling company as a key part of airport’s daily operation, has been actively cooperating with the optimization of airport security measure, uphold the core value of “Safety first” and improve the quality of passengers and cargo service at the airport.  Not only provides a satisfactory airport experience for passengers, but also provides safe, efficient and better service for airline customers.

MIA appreciate the contribution and effort that Menzies has made throughout all these years, we believe the airport will be facing more difficulties and challenges in the coming future, we hope the professional team of Menzies can make persistent efforts, united and continue to exert professionalism, become the strong backup of MIA, seize opportunity together, corporate and create better results.