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The Sub Fire Station Building Extension Completion in Macau International Airport28 Aug 2019

Due to development of Macau International Airport (MIA) and increasing air traffic in recent years, the space and facilities in existing Sub Fire Station cannot be met for daily operation, rest and training. In view of this situation, the project for Sub Fire Station Building Extension was started from May 2018 by MIA. The extension was a two-story building with floor area of approximately 3445 sq ft. Construction works include with new duty room, restrooms, fitness room, pole room and storeroom. With the construction period of nine months, all works of Sub Fire Station Building Extension has completed, passed the final inspection by the government authorities and the aforesaid building extension has been brought into operation.


In order to optimize the design process and subsequent operation & maintenance management process, Building Information Model (BIM Model) simulate the virtual 3D model for enabling construction team to perform design and construction analysis and exploration in virtual environments for this project. Moreover, BIM Model reduces the issues caused by design changes in the construction process for the construction team to accurately estimate project costs and improve design efficiency in each stage.


With the Sub Fire Station Building Extension has been brought into operation, the space and working environment of DBA will be improved and the airport rescue ability during the bad weather and emergency situation will be enhanced.

MIA Sub Fire Station Building Extension


BIM Model