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CAM Representatives Attended the Training course from CCAA – Intelligent Passenger Service Innovation12 Sep 2019

The training course of "Intelligent Passenger Service Innovation" which was jointly organized by the China Civil Airport Association (CCAA) and the China Civil Aviation Management Institute was held at China Civil Aviation Management Institute in Beijing from 3rd to 6th September, 2019. Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) as one of the Director member in the Director Council of CCAA has sent Mr. Franco Kwan, Deputy Director of Marketing Department, Mr. Eden Wang, Manager of Infrastructure Development Department and Ms. Yu Li, Terminal Management Officer of Airport Operations Department to attend the course.


The 4-days training program was conducted by industry experts and veterans from the China Civil Aviation Association (CCAA), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Beijing Capital International Airport, and Guangdong Airport Baiyun Information Co., Ltd., who have been engaged in the construction of intelligent and innovative services for passengers. The content of this course includes: 1. The latest trends in global passenger services; 2. Application of new technologies such as big data, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence in passenger services; 3. Typical scenarios for Internet + and airport passenger service; 4. Airport self-service technology for passenger; 5. Typical cases study of intelligent customer service and analysis of innovative applications. This training course allowing the participants to strengthen their knowledge in building intelligent passenger services that incorporate the concepts of smart airports and cities, and how to optimize airport passenger services using new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence.