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Macau International Airport maintains steady growth of 18% in the third quarter of 201914 Oct 2019

Macau International Airport (MIA) recorded ideal performance in both the passenger and aircraft movements in the third quarter of 2019. Passenger movements surpassed 2,510,000, and there was over 19,995 aircraft movement in the third quarter of 2019 representing 17% and 19% increase than the same period of last year.  Passenger traffic in Mainland China routes and Southeast Asia routes continue to perform well recorded an increase of 22% and 18% compared with the same period of last year. Passenger traffic in China Taiwan routes also recorded increase of 8%. The passenger movement of MIA has increased steadily from 1st to 7th October (the Golden Week), MIA has handled over 170,000 passenger movements and over 1,550 aircraft movements representing a 15% and 19% increase respectively comparing to same period last year.


Up to the end of September 2019, there are 30 airlines operate at Macau International Airport (MIA) connecting Macau to some 58 destinations covering area in Mainland China, China Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia.  MIA has planned to continue to actively expand our air network by adding more new routes in the fourth quarter, including Jieyang of China, Changsha of China, Nantong of China, and at the same time MIA has also planned to increase flights in Mainland China and Southeast Asia. The addition of new routes is bringing more choices and conveniences to both Macau residents and travelers. In line with the future development and increasing passenger traffic, MIA will accelerate the pace of improvement of airport facilities in the future.  By the end of September, MIA has completed the installation of Self Check-in Kiosks (with 12 kiosks being implemented in the terminal now) to speed up the handling of passenger traffic. To make full use of the advantages of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, the MIA Check-in Centre at Macau Border Inspection Building on the Bridge is underway, and will strive to provide convenient travel services for passengers as soon as possible.