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CAM Representatives Attended the ASI & Air Business Course23 Oct 2019

Mr. Eric Fong – Director of Marketing Department of Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) attended the training course Strategic Air Service Development for Airport and Airline Executive” organized by the Aviation Strategies International (ASI) and Air Business Academy. The course was held at the Airbus Leadership University Campus in Toulouse of France from 30th September to 4th October 2019.


The 5-days training course with content covering the building of foundation about the strategies of airlines and airports, baseline data and market research, manage the importance of optimizing airline profitability, rethink the demand-driven network and the steps in Air Service Development, develop new route and build the Airline-Airport Relationship. In the Course Strategic Air Service Development, airports and airlines share a common strategic perspective to maximize traffic and revenue.


In conclusion of the course, with the interaction and group case studies of European and American aviation experts, it carries out a positive insight and build up close airline-airport relationship. On the other hand, through this course we have visited the Airbus A350 production process and learn more on the operation of aircraft.