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Construction Commencement Ceremony of Macau International Airport PTB South Extension12 Mar 2020

The construction commencement ceremony for Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) South Extension of Macau International Airport (MIA) was held on 11 March 2020. The ceremony was attended by the representatives from Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM), the Supervision PAL Asiaconsult Limited (PAL), the Quality Assurance Consultant Civil Engineering Laboratory of Macau (LECM) and the Design & Build Contractor Nam Fong Construction and Real Estate Company Limited (Nam Fong).


The construction commencement ceremony was organized in a simple way due to epidemic situation, followed by commencement of site formation and piling works on site. The project team will pay special attention to epidemic prevention and site hygiene during construction period, and will implement measures following epidemic prevention guidelines issued by the government. Measures include taking body temperature for workers, requesting workers to wear mask, periodic disinfection and cleaning of the site, workers staying in Macau during epidemic period.


Design work for PTB South Extension started in 2019. In order to achieve high level of services to customers, the design followed not only local codes and regulations, but also the guidelines from International Air Transport Association (IATA) to assess the performance of facilities and services. PTB South Extension will be integrated seamlessly with the existing PTB to provide consistency and integrity in both architectural appearance and interior finishing. The PTB South Extension is anticipated to be completed by mid 2021. After completion, the total floor area of MIA PTB will be increased by 17,000m2. More space at departure hall will be provided to passengers, with additional 3 new passenger boarding bridges, making a total of 8 passenger boarding bridges commissioning after completion of the PTB South Extension. The overall PTB designed passenger handling capacity will be increased from 7.8 million passengers per year to 10 million passengers per year.


After the risk assessment on infrastructure projects of MIA, all construction site works has been resumed successively since 18th February 2020, including Renovation of AOCC/EOC, PTB Rooftop Waterproofing, etc. Some projects are not easy to progress during busy days can now be speeded up when the traffic is low in airport, e.g. optimization of commercial area in PTB, replacement of MVAC System in PTB.


PTB South Extension project team attending construction commencement ceremony

Commencement of site formation and piling works on site for PTB South Extension

3D rendering of PTB South Extension