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MIA Staff Visited the National Security Education Exhibition23 Apr 2021

The Executive Directors of Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) Mr. Chu Tan Neng, Mr. Kan Cheok Kuan, Mr. Lei Si Tai and Mr. Leung Henry Yee Hang led company colleague and staff from Airport Information Management Solutions and SEMAC Security Company to visit the National Security Education Exhibition on 22nd April 2021, which was co-organized by Macau SAR Government and Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macau SAR.

With four themes of the exhibition displayed, namely “National Security under the Unprecedented Changes in the Last Hundred Years”, “Persisting in the General Concept of National Security, Creating a Great Security Structure”, “The Defense of National Security Ensures the Stable and Lasting Implementation of “One Country, Two Systems” Principle” and “National Security is the Responsibility of the Whole Nation”, staff were provided an in-depth understanding to the journey that the whole country in the fight against the pandemic together over the past year. In addition, they were also allowed to understand more about the background and connotation of the overall national security concept and the impact of the complex and ever-changing global situations on national security, meanwhile, staff have also been updated with the achievements of the country and Macau on developing the national security system and supporting the social security and stable development of Macau. It is also believed that the public awareness of national security and its importance on maintaining public safety and stable development of Macau have been further promoted through this exhibition. The exhibition has also displayed the winning works of the “National Security and Me” Chinese Essay Competition held earlier, demonstrating the strong awareness of Macau youths concerned about national security.