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Visit Hong Kong for Inspecting the Amphibious Hovercraft21 May 2013

In order to strengthen the capacity and efficiency of the maritime rescue in Macau International Airport, Macau International Airport Co. Ltd. (CAM) has been frequently searching for advanced rescue equipment. Recently, the relevant government departments in Hong Kong arranged a new hovercraft field demonstration. Macau International Airport Co., Ltd. (CAM) took this opportunity, in conjunction with the Airport Division of Fire Services Bureau of Macao SAR, visited the field demonstration of the advanced amphibious hovercraft in Hong Kong on 14th May 2013.

In the demonstration, the technical staff introduced the various models of the amphibious hovercraft as well as the working principle and usage, including searching and rescuing works in shallows and the usage cases around the world. After that, the physical hovercraft was inspected. The hovercraft was the latest model of small type vessel with two diesel engines, it allows a maximum number of 5 passengers or a payload of 380 kg at the highest sailing speed at 30 knots. Delegate members tried to ride on the hovercraft of which the hull operation and rescue were demonstrated at sea, showing the amphibious function, landing, flexible speed changing performance and rescue capability of the hovercraft.

After this demonstration, CAM further collected data for detailed analysis to assess the feasibility of using hovercraft in the Macau International Airport. CAM will also keep improving fire safety and maritime rescue capability, as well as improving the safety performance of the Macau International Airport.

Ground operation

Hovercraft field demonstration

Source:Macau International Airport