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Macau International Airport recorded stable performance in 201013 Jan 2011

Macau International Airport (MIA) in 2010 faced a series of challenges in operation, such as the impacts of the fluctuation of oil prices, the political instability of Thailand, the increasing cross-strait direct flight services, and the closing of Viva Macau. Despite of these, MIA still delivered 4,078,836 passengers in 2010. Although the passenger throughputs at MIA were down 4% compared with 2009, the destination passengers, occupying 93% of total passenger volume, rose 3% against 2009 and the mainland visitor number registered a 12% yearly increase. The decrease in passenger throughputs at MIA is due to the increase of cross-strait flight and destination. These result in a sharp decrease by 50% in transit passengers compared with year 2009.  MIA handled 52,148 tons cargos as is almost the same compared with 2009, and had 37,148 flight movements with 8.7% decrease year-on-year.

In 2010, MIA was progressive and constant in adjusting the marketing strategy by seeking the new airlines, exploring the new markets, and developing new flight destinations to open the new service to Macau. MIA successfully attracted four new airlines to serve more destinations. The launch by Air China in January connected Macau to Wuhan, Mandala Airlines to serve Jakarta in July; China Eastern Airlines further serves Shanghai and Jin Air to Seoul in December. The existing airlines Cebu Pacific Air also added Tuguegarao and Laoag respectively.  Xiamen airlines opened Macau to Jinjiang.  The flag carrier Air Macau since last year opened three destinations including Singapore, Ningbo and Hefei. All these efforts made MIA a 3% increase of destination passengers compared with 2009, occupying 93% of MIA’s total passengers. The passenger number of mainland China had a 12% increase comparing with the earlier year. These indicate that MIA has finished its strategic transformation from transit airport to destination airport. MIA’s cargo service quality was also confirmed by industries.  MIA was awarded “The Best Emerging Airport” by Cargo news Asia and “2010 Air Cargo - Award of Excellence” by Air Cargo World in 2010.

Looking into 2011, MIA will explore the medium long haul routes including Australia and India.  To attract more new airlines and add frequency to those target markets from North Eastern, North western and the mid of China, so that to reinforce the market in South China. MIA will continually support the airlines to add new routes and destinations,  improve the seat factor and load factor for the existing aircraft, and build new virtual cargo stations.  These focuses will achieve an increase of both passengers and cargo at MIA.     

With the gradual recovery of the global economy and the position of Macau as an international travel and leisure center, MIA is constantly following the policy of Macau SAR to strengthen the co-operation with aviation companies and tourist industry to achieve the joint development in exploration of more potential markets. It will make continuous efforts and contributions to the sustainable development of aviation, tourism and the whole economy of Macau.