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Runway / Navaids Length: Runway 34 3,360m
Runway 16 3,285m
Width: both runways 45m + (2x7.5)m
Ref.Temp 31.5°C
Elevation 6.2m (AMSL)
Wind Coverage 99%
Operating Hours 24 hours
Approach Lighting System CAT II For Runway 34
Simple Approach Lighting System for Runway 16
Navaids VOR or DME
Secondary Surveillance Radar
Parallel Taxiway Length 1,353m
Width 182.5m
C/L Separation 182.5m
Apron Stands 25
Business Jet Stands 15
Mobile Equipment Area 11,800m2
Loading Air Bridges 8
Type of Aircraft Serviced All types up to B747-400
Passenger Terminal Design Hour 2,300 Passengers (1 way)
Capacity 10 million Passengers / Year
Area 78,200m2
Levels Arrivals / Departures / Mezzanine / Office
Air Cargo Facility General Facilities 18,500m2
Aircraft Maintenance HANGAR (B747 TAIL-IN) Hangar Hall Area 6,200m2
Annex Building Area (3 Levels) 1,040m2
General Aviation Maintenance Hangar Hangar Bay Area 8,000m2
Annex Building Floor Area (3 Levels) 2,700m2
Aircraft Fuel Farm Storage Capacity 8,000m3
Catering Service Capacity Max 10,000 meals per day
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