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MCS-Macau Catering Services Company Limited (also known as Servair Macau) was incorporated in Macau in 1995. It is a joint venture between Servair-SATS Holdings and local companies including, STDM, H. Nolasco, and Wu’s Group. Servair-SATS is composed of Servair Group- Air France catering subsidiary - the third largest airline catering services provider in the world and SATS - the Singapore Airlines catering subsidiary.

Located in the west of passenger terminal of Macau International Airport, the catering building was designed by Servair based on the Forward Flow principle. The building gets a production capacity of more than 10,000 meals a day and offers a wide range of Asian and Western meals and also special meals such as VGML, CHML, IFML, FPML… Servair Macau is in line with Servair‘s spirit in terms of its meal authenticity, quality control in food safety, hygiene and working processes.

Servair Macau is both ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP accredited.. In 2009, the scope of services covered in both ISO and HACCP were extended from "Design and provision of airline catering service", our core business, to "Design and provision of catering services" in order to fit in with its strategic business expansion from the sole airline catering to any other catering services in Macau.

Servair Macau’s know-how covers also a wide range of food solution by addressing the low-cost carriers’ specific requirements up to the most demanding ones’ such as specific VVIP and special flights. The meals are designed and catered respectively according to each customer’s requirements.

Now, the local customers including branded coffee shops , schools, companies, hospitals, government entities and individuals can benefit from its 15 years experiences accumulated with national and international carriers, as well as its large scale food production and logistic solutions and more especially its capability to design and provide tailor-made, wide-ranged, safety and security guaranteed catering services for meals, bakery and pastry products, event cocktails / buffets, tea / coffee breaks, and even private parties.

Moreover, Servair Macau pursues an environmental friendly policy by developing products packed in recyclable equipment, promoting waste separation and energy consumption reduction (solar system).


MCS - Macau Catering Services Co. Ltd (Servair Macau)

Catering Building, Macau International Airport

PO Box 1612, Taipa,

Tel. +853 2885 0512 / +853 2886 0124 / +853 2886 0125

Fax. +853 2886 0126 / +853 2886 0127


Contact MCS at cust.mgr@mcs-airport.com