Environmental Management 5-year Plan (2014-2018)


Over the past years, MIA has executed several improvement works and studies to cope with MIA’s direction on environmental protection. The major focus has been retrofitting and equipment upgrade at airport for achieving better energy efficiency, environmental quality and cost saving such as vehicles replacement, solar shading filming, chiller and lighting retrofitting. Efforts have also been input into new technologies such as solar energy and food waste composter. For promoting coherent efforts on improving environmental quality and energy efficiency, MIA has prepared herewith the suggestions to embark on greening MIA through series of activities/programme and as parts of the sustainable development in the coming 5 years; MIA believes that this approach can also set a visible leadership example for the communities in Macau.


A model of multi-functional small-medium sized international airport that fulfills the needs of Macao by providing safe and efficient services and facilities.

Develop and implement environmentally responsible activities with a view to approach the objective of “Green Airport”.


Green the Life; Blue the Sky

Mission and Objectives

To promote operation efficiency meeting international safety, security and environmental protection standards and obtain:

  • Better environment;
  • Social responsibility;
  • Financial benefit;
  • Sustainable development.

Quantitative Targets

1) Reduce carbon emission per movements by 20% in 2018 from 2012 level.

2) Reduce power consumption of 2,800,000 kWh per year (equivalent to MOP3.7 million per year) after completion of all energy saving measures.

3) Annual waste recycled and treated reaches 51,900 kg per year in 2018 (Increase by 180% comparing to 2012 level).