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Nam Kwong Airport Fuel Farm is the dedicated jet fuel into-plane service provider fuel jet fuel at Macau International Airport (MIA), with 36 hydraulic pits, Capacity of jet fuel supply is 930M3/H.

Qualified infrastructure and personnel provide a solid guarantee for the development of the Macau Aviation Industry.
Nam Kwong Airport Fuel Farm adopts the JIG Standards, Safety and Quality are the first priorities.

Fuel Farm are routinely audited by AACM (Autoridade de Aviacao Civil De Macau ), IATA and airlines.

Jet Fuel Quality from NK Fuel Farm is following AFQRJOS Checklist, latest Issue.



Address: Pac-On, Taipa, Macau International Airport

Nam Kwong Fuel Fram Fuel Service Hotline :
TEL : (853) 2886 1284
TEL : (853) 2886 1287
TEL : (853) 2886 1423
FAX : (853) 2886 1289

Operation and Service Contact :

Nam Kwong Fuel Fram Manager :  Mr. Li Feng

Fuel Service Contact Person :  Angie KI Lei