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Macau Meteorological & Geophysical Bureau has issued typhoon signal no. 1. The airport reminds all passengers to follow the updates of their flights with their respective airlines. For flight information, please refer to www.macau-airport.com

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Lost & Found

Lost & Found Items

At Macau International Airport all Lost and Found items are handled by the Macau Police (PSP) in accordance with the relevant articles of the civil code of MSAR.

All cash and documents (Passports, ID Cards, Debit/Credit Cards or any other document containing personal data), when found, will be turned to the Macau Police (PSP). Macau Police (PSP) Airport Reception can be contacted via Tel: (+853) 8898 1353.

For items left on board an aircraft please enquire the respective airline directly.

The items listed below are items of low monetary value which were found at the Airport’s Terminal:

Item Number Found On Description


  • Above items will be kept for 365 days. Upon expiration of the retention period, all unclaimed items will be handled according to Macau International Airport procedure.
  • Food, perishables or any article not suitable for storage will be disposed of immediately or kept for 24hours according to the condition.
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