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Macau Meteorological & Geophysical Bureau has issued typhoon signal no. 1. The airport reminds all passengers to follow the updates of their flights with their respective airlines. For flight information, please refer to Link .


Public Transport

Public Buses

Buses to and from Macau International Airport
TRANSPORTATION. Bus n° Routing Fare* (MOP) Time*
Transmac 26 Bacia Norte de Patane

Coloane Market
6.0 06:00 ~ 23:30
TCM 36 Rotunda Leonel Sousa

Rotunda Leonel Sousa
6.0 07:00 ~ 23:50
Transmac 51A The Praia / Terminal

Av. Vale das Borboletas / Terminal
6.0 06:00 ~ 00:00
Transmac AP1 Barrier Gate / Terminal

Barrier Gate / Terminal
6.0 06:00 ~ 01:20
TCM MT1 Praceta 25 de Junho

Av. 24 de Junho
6.0 07:00 ~ 00:00
Transmac MT4 Temporary Ferry Terminal

Barrier Gate / Terminal
6.0 06:00 ~ 01:00
Transmac AP1X To and from
Zona de Tomada e Largada de Passageiros no lado este das Portas do Cerco
6.0 06:00 ~ 20:00
TCM N2 Temporary Ferry Terminal

Bacia Norte de Patane
6.0 00:00 ~ 06:00
Transmac 51X To and from
Zona de Tomada e Largada de Passageiros no lado este das Portas do Cerco
6.0 06:30 ~ 19:00

*AP1X / 51X: No Service on Sunday and Public Holidays.
Time for reference only.

For enqiry
Buses Telephone Website
Transmac (+853) 2827 1122 http://www.transmac.com.mo/
TCM (+853) 2885 0060 http://www.tcm.com.mo/



Shuttle Bus

The most convenient way to travel to your hotel is to take any one of the many comfortable, complimentary shuttle buses from the Macau International Airport.

Walk toward the north exit of the airport and walk out into the parking lot, where you will find a number of shuttle buses waiting for you. Buses depart every 15-20 minutes between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm *.

* Time for reference only.


(+853) 2828 3283
(+853) 2881 2345
First 1,600m MOP 21.00
Every 220m MOP 2.00
Waiting time charge for the taxi stopped according to the request by passenger or necessity during the journey.(every 55 seconds) MOP 2.00
Baggage transported in baggage compartment (each piece) MOP 3.00
Additional Fees*
Taipa to Coloane MOP 2.00
Macau to Coloane MOP 5.00
When boarding a taxi at the Macao International Airport taxi stand, the Taipa Ferry Terminal taxi stand, Macao's Port Zone at Hengqin Port or the Zhuhai-Macao Artificial Island of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge MOP 8.00
When boarding a taxi at the University of Macau´s new campus on Hengqin Island MOP 5.00
Booking fee for special taxi(Blue)(when the taxi arrives within 10 minutes after the booking time)
Booking fee not applicable when, without the passenger´s prior consent, a special taxi different from the type requested is sent
MOP 5.00

* For reference only.

LRT Service

The LRT Airport Station located on Avenida Wai Long, connects to the Macao International Airport Passenger Terminal Building North Exit.

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