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SEMAC, a private security company, employs approximately 500 personnel and operates 24 hours a day, providing aviation security services for Macau International Airport (MIA). SEMAC has been responsible for security at MIA since 3 rd November 1995 . Its services have been assessed and certified by the Civil Aviation Authority Macau.

SEMAC is made up of two partners:

CAM – Macau International Airport Company 76%
* Wah O Company 24%

* Wah O Company is a state-owned company responsible for security of all airports in China.

SEMAC provides a wide range of aviation security services at MIA including:

  • Access Control to the airport restricted areas and guarding
  • Inspection of all articles/supplies forwarded into the airport restricted areas
  • 100% screening of passengers, airport staff, air crew, and visitors
  • 100% screening of passengers' hold baggage, cabin baggage and interline baggage
  • X ray screening of air cargo and mail
  • Inspection of aircraft catering supplies
  • Valuable Cargo escort
  • 24 hours CCTV surveillance for the operation of the airport

SEMAC is committed to continuous improvement by providing various types of AVSEC training for its frontline staff. These include: Aviation Security Awareness Training for new entrants, basic X ray screening, regular refresher course and computer based training.

In addition, in 1999, SEMAC prided itself on having trained 85 elements of Macau Security Forces (Public Security Police, Mariime Police and Fire Brigade) with X ray screening training, to ensure the security of the hotels and other places where the ceremonies of the Hand-Over of Sovereignty took place in December.

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Main Office

Add: Av. Wai Long, CAM Office Building, 2/F., Taipa, Macau
Tel: 8598 8665 / 8598 8666
Fax: 8598 8667

Airport office

Tel: 2886 1111 ext: 2343
Fax: 2886 1426