Green Airport

  • Green Wall


  • Green Airport –Replacement of Cars to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

    As part of the environmental management programme of lowering emissions and create a green airport, until 2013, Macau International Airport replaced the traditional gasoline cars with five hybrid and three electric vehicles gradually.



    Electric vehicles used in MIA

  • Macau International Airport launch Food Waste Recycling Scheme

    Macau International Airport (MIA) always bears its social responsibility and commits to protecting the environment in order to develop a “Green Airport”. Therefore, we spare no effort to study viable waste management methods in the hope to contribute to the sustainable development of MIA. Recently, MIA carried out a food waste recycling program with introduction of the food waste decomposition equipment (food waste disposer), and a food waste collection point set nearby the north car park. The full support and cooperation were obtained from executive body – Administration of Airports Ltd. (ADA), and participanting entities: Servair Macau; Macau International Airport Restaurants, McDonald’s, airport CIP lounge, East Sun Cleaning Services Ltd., Brilliant Landscaping & Gardening Co. Ltd. The related entities will separate food waste from general garbage, and then separate out the biodegradable waste such as meat, small bones, bread, rice, pasta, vegetables and fruits, etc. The cleaning staff collect those biodegradable waste and deliver to the food waste disposer for processing. Finally, greenery staff collect the compost to growing plants in MIA. The recycling programme will turn the food waste to an endless supply of organic fertilizer, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and destroy to the landscape.

    The food waste disposer uses a microbial decomposition technology, degrade the majority of food waste into water, carbon dioxide and the remaining into organic fertilizer. The degradation process will not produce odor, harmful gases nor other residual waste. The existing food waste disposer can handle up to 150kg per day of food waste. Macau International Airport will keep considering further enhancement in the handling amount according to actual situation.


    Food Waste Disposer

    The decomposition scheme of food waste

  • Green the Airport with various plants

    All kinds of plants are located in different areas of the terminal building, around 670 potted plants: Dracaena Arborea, Dracaena Deremensis, Calathea Makoyana, Philodendron Selloum placed in departure area; around 280 potted plants Aspidistra Elatior, Monstera Deliciosa, Raphis Excelsa placed in arrival area; around 290 potted plants : Sanseviera trifasciata, Dracena lemon lime placed in transit corridor. Green plants can reduce emission of carbon dioxide, purify air and improve air quality, MIA determine to provide a memorable green airport experience for the all passengers!



    Green Plants in MIA


  • Replacement of Airfield Ground Light

    The replacement projects of Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) of Taxiway edge lights and stop bars from halogen lights to 300 LED lights has been commenced since 2013, with subsidy from Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation Fund of Macau SAR Government. LED light has a lot of advantages such as increase safety for aerodrome operation due to its longer life time compared to the halogen lights; less intervention for maintenance staff on maneuvering areas; higher capacity for airport utilization due to less traffic disruptions. Besides, approximately 30% of yearly electricity consumption and 13162.96 KG of yearly CO2 emission can be reduced after the replacement.


    AGL of Taxiway edge lights and stop bars


  • CAM Participated Macau International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition 2015


    Macau International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition 2015 takes place at Venetian Macao from 26-28 March 2015. In the exhibition, Macau International Airport Co., Ltd. (CAM) presented the plan and results of the airport environmental protection, by increasing the green elements to improve the airport environment in order to achieve the goal of “Green Airport”.

    As our Earth resource is limited and precious, MIA will continue to carry out the environmental protection works to build a green airport, as our target “Green our Life, Blue the sky”.