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360LION EXPRESS starts new route between Macau and Brazil30 Apr 2021

Menzies Macau welcomed its latest freighter customer to Macau International Airport on April 9, 2021. A well-known cross-border logistics service provider, 360LION EXPRESS, started a new freighter route from Macau to Brazil and entrusted Menzies Macau and KK Cargo (Macau) Company Ltd to handle its logistics within the Macau region. The new operation aids the development of international e-commerce logistics between mainland China, Macau and Portuguese-speaking countries.

The operation ultilises Boeing 747-200 all-cargo aircraft, which transports about 100 tons of cargo per week, mainly e-commerce cargo. 360LION EXPRESS is confident in the international air transportation business in Macau and fully affirmed the excellent work of Menzies Macau during the trial flight period. Looking forward into May’s scheduled services, and the cargo volume is expected to reach 200 tons per week.

Macau International Airport is one of the most promising airports in Asia. 360LION EXPRESS remains positive despite the pandemic and have timely opened up new freighter routes from Macau to Brazil, exploring the South American market. This new freighter is also in-line with the government's expectations for Macau, connect and develope national economic and trade cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries. It is believed that it can provide more options for import and export of freight for mainland and Macau local enterprises, which will help promote the development of e-commerce transportation between mainland China and Macau. The company hopes to optimize further and expand the development of Macau and international e-commerce logistics. In the future, Menzies Macau will continue to work closely with all industries to strengthen the overall competitiveness of Macau International Airport.


Source: Menzies Macau Airport Services Ltd.