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CAM Chairman of EC Dr. Deng Jun Inspected Frontline Epidemic Prevention and Passenger Service during Labour Day Holiday02 May 2021

The Macau SAR government has previously predicted that the number of tourists visiting Macau during the Labour Day holiday would increase. All relevant departments have made arrangements and be fully prepared on aspects of immigration management, border inspection, health and epidemic prevention, etc. Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) held a work preparation meeting before the holiday on 28th April 2021. Each unit prepared in details and made sufficient contingency plans. Chairman of the CAM Executive Committee Dr. Deng Jun went to the airport to inspect the frontline situation on 2nd May, to check the implementation of the passenger service measures during the Labour Day holiday. The inspection procedures of "NAT test and two codes" are smooth, to ensure that the epidemic prevention measures are continued in place while maintaining passenger service.

The airlines operating in Macau International Airport are expected to plan 124 outbound flights from the Mainland to Macau during the Labour Day holiday during the "May 1" Labour Day holiday, and the number of flights between the Mainland and Macau has recovered by more than 50% compared with the same period in 2019. The number of passengers and flights exceeded 11,000 and 100 respectively on 1st and 2nd May. The Mainland and Macau are effective in preventing the epidemic, and are both low-risk areas. As more tourists come to Macau for sightseeing, it will enhance the reputation of Macau and increase the confidence of tourists, which will help the gradual recovery of the local aviation and tourism industry.

Director of Executive Committee Office Ms. Katy Lo and Director of Corporate Communication and Policy Research Office Ms. Vicki Mou participated in the inspection as well.


Source: Macau International Airport