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01 Aug 2014

Green Airport –Replacement of Cars to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

As part of the environmental management programme of lowering emissions and create a green airport, until 2013, Macau International Airport replaced the traditional gasoline cars with five energy saving and electric vehicles gradually, which was recorded to have reduced 36.3% of CO2 emission compared to 2011.
24 Jul 2014

MIA Let Media Preview Work Plan for 2014 2nd Half Year and Experience

Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) held a Press Conference briefing on the Work Plan for 2014 2nd Half Year at Macau International Airport (MIA) on 24th July, 2014, presented the MIA’s work plan and expectation in the next half year.
23 Jul 2014

Collaboration and participation for AMPAP Gateway Course – Air Transpo

From 14th-18th July 2014, the gateway course of Air Transport System (ATS) was collaborated by Macau International Airport Co. Ltd. (CAM) and Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP) for meeting the demands of airport development and further cultivating talents for management level. This is the second time Macau has hosted an ATS course, which aims at providing a broad understanding of the position of different stakeholders plus an overview on Air Transport System from an airport perspective, and also from a perspective from different stakeholders.
18 Jul 2014

2014 CAM 1st Half Year Result Evaluation and 2nd Half Year Work Plan

Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) held a presentation on “2014 CAM 1st Half Year Result Evaluation and 2nd Half Year Work Plan” at CAM Office Building on 11th July 2014. The Chairman of the Board of Directors - Mr. Ma Iao Hang, Chairman of the Executive Committee - Dr. Deng Jun, Secretary of CAM - Dra. Paula Ling led all staff to participate in the presentation. All Department Directors and Chiefs of the two Representative Offices reported the results evaluation of the 1st half year of 2014, work plan and development direction for the coming 2nd half year.
18 Jul 2014

Attended IATA's Airport Route Development & Commercial Management Cou

The 5-days course “Airport Route Development & Commercial Management“ organized by International Air Transport Association (IATA) Training & Development Institute was held at Singapore on 7th-11th July 2014. Ms. Carolina Chang – Assistant Manager of Commercial Development Department, Mr. Daniel Lam – Officer of Marketing Department and Ms. Kaz Ng – Officer of Corporate Communication & Policy Research Office from CAM attended the course.
11 Jul 2014

CAM Facebook & MIA Official Weibo Launched and Certified

In order to strengthen the communication and interaction more widely, CAM’s Facebook page and MIA’s official Weibo @澳門國際機場MIA on Sina has been unveiled and certified recently, welcome to scan the QR codes below to follow us!
09 Jul 2014

2014 Annual Airlines Gathering of Macau International Airport

Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) invited all the airlines operators to the Annual Airlines Gathering on 8th July 2014, with propose to enhance the business relationship with airlines industry as well as to appreciate the support and contribution of airlines in Macau aviation throughout the years. More than 50 representatives shared their experience and information in a relaxed and pleasant environment.
09 Jul 2014

MIA Adopted Vigorous Measures to Prepare for Typhoon, Urged Travelers

The challenging Typhoon season is soon approaching. With the always uploading purpose of “Safety, Effectiveness, Efficiency” in operation and service, Macau International Airport (MIA) has started typhoon emergency plan in advance, be well-prepared for various weather conditions while coordinating all airport units, to ensure an overall comfortable flying experience for our passengers.
03 Jul 2014

Participate in “Macau Energy Conservation Week 2014” Build a Green Soc

Since the operation of Macau International Airport (MIA), number of passengers keeps growing. Apart from upholding the objective of the airport “Safety, Efficiency, Effectiveness”, MIA is also committed to promote environment protection, striving for Macau International Airport Co. Ltd. (CAM)’s vision to be a green airport. In 2014, CAM as always participated in a series of activities in the “Macau Energy Conservation Week” held by the Office for the Development of the Energy Sector (GDSE). First of all, CAM switches off unnecessary lighting and adjusts the temperature of air-conditioners to 25℃ or above, which is carried out in continuation. Then on 16th June 2014 CAM took part in “Lights Off for 1 Hour” by switching off the spot lights of outdoor car park, the exit and entrance light boxes signage and one passenger lift. Last but not the least, our staffs are encouraged to participate “Casual Wear in Summer” by wearing casual and light clothing to work from 17th June to 31st August 2014 when they do not have meetings or company events. Mr. Sandro Kou, Acting Director of Infrastructure Development Department, helped GDSE to shoot in an “Energy Saving Promotion” video to introduce to the public about energy conservation.
03 Jul 2014

CAM’s Participation in the Macau International Airport Bowling Competi

The Macau International Airport Bowling Competition 2014 was held at Future Bright Bowling Center on 8th June 2014. This competition was organized by ADA Club, various airport entities including Macau International Airport Co. Ltd. (CAM), Administration of Airports Ltd. (ADA), Airport Information Management Solutions (AIMS), SEMAC Security Company, Macau Customs and Judiciary Police also sent representatives to participate the competition, strengthening cooperation and building closer connection. According to the result of CAM Bowling Competition held in May, we selected Mr. Eric Fong, Ms. Annice Kan, Ms. Miley Kou and Mr. Wong Kai Meng to form a team representing CAM to participate in this competition.