Hold Baggage Screening

The Check in Baggage Screening process was launched at the Macau International Airport from 23rd September 2019 for Check in Zones A and B and from 25th September 2019 for Check in Zones C and D.

From these dates onwards departing passengers at Macau International Airport will approach their Airline’s respective check in counter first, where check in procedures will take place.

Departing Passengers travelling without check in baggage may proceed directly to the Departure Lounge after check in.

Departing passengers checking in their baggage will be issued their respective baggage tags and will bring their luggage to the designated check in zone’s hold baggage screening check point and deposit them at the respective x-ray machine for screening. At these check points, passengers, after depositing their baggage at the x-ray machine should look at the monitors and ensure their baggage goes through the x-ray machine. Should the passenger’s name and flight number appear on the monitor then the passenger will have to proceed to the search room for manual inspection of the baggage. If the passenger’s name and flight number is not shown then the baggage is in condition to be checked in and loaded to the aircraft for the passenger’s respective flight, in this case the passenger may proceed to the departure restricted area.

All passengers are requested that after these formalities make their way to the departure restricted area, clearing passenger security screening and passport control, at their earliest convenience.

Macau International Airport has installed self-service check in kiosks for departing passengers’ convenience at it encourages its use along with web check in of their respective airlines.

In case any assistance is required, passengers may approach any of our Airport staff for assistance or call 2886 1111.

Macau International Airport wishes all passengers, pleasant travels.