• Soccer / Basketball Lottery

    SLOT - Sociedade de Loarias e Apostas Mútuas de Macau, Lda. operates soccer and basketball lottery, providing handicap-goal and odds, and accepts bets on selected matches drawn from important League and Cup Matches. For enquiry: (853) 8896 8388, (852) 1836633 (for English enquiry, please press "1", then press "0", when you hear the voice record). Website: http://www.macauslot.com/index.html?langid=3&sport=0
  • Horse Racing and Riding

    Horse Racing
    The Macau Jockey Club is equipped with modern facilities and has assembled a cosmopolitan group of trainers, riders and administrators while horses are being imported from several countries in order to provide racing of international standards. With private boxes and air-conditioned grandstand, Club members and public can enjoy the races, whether watching them live, on the Diamond Vision or the closed circuit television monitors. Chinese and European restaurants are available. Summer recess is usually in between late August and early September. For enquiries please call Macau hotline: (853) 2882 0868 or toll free for Hong Kong: 80096 7822. Website:http://www.mjc.mo/race_en/info/index.php. E-mail: mjcinfor@macau.ctm.net.


    Horse Riding
    The equestrian school of Macau is situated on the second street on the left of the exit of the Coloane Town through the street to the Cheoc Van beach. Look for the gate decorated with horse's heads. Telephone enquiries: (853) 2888 2303.



  • Casinos

    There are plenty of casinos in Macau offering probably the widest range of games in the world, including baccarat, blackjack, roulette, boule, "big and small", fan-tan and of course, hundreds of the most glittering array of slot machines anywhere (the locals call them "hungry tigers"). Visitors to the casinos should read the sign at each entrance, urging players to chance only what they can afford. The casinos in Macau operate 24 hours a day. Players are not obliged to tip the croupiers and any request for a tip by casino employees may be ignored.

    For information of casinos, please visit website of Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau: http://www.dicj.gov.mo