Major Events

21st Lusofonia Festival Abuzz with Culture and Charm03 Oct 2018

Organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, and co-organised by Macao Government Tourism Office and the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, the 21st Lusofonia Festival will be held in the lakeside environs of Taipa Houses from 19th to 21st October in a celebration of Portuguese culture from around the world and in Macao.

The three-day event - featuring ten booths themed around far-flung Portuguese-speaking communities from Angola; Brazil; Cape Verde; Guinea-Bissau; Goa, Daman and Diu; Mozambique; Portugal; São Tomé and Principe; Macao and East Timor - annually showcases music, photography, handicrafts, costumes, literature, local snacks and exotic drinks plus great live bands playing throughout the Festival.

During the Festival, the nine Portuguese-speaking communities will showcase their cultural delights alongside guest artists in live performances in the Amphitheatre of the Taipa Houses, while an on-site radio station will broadcast Portuguese music throughout the day. Meanwhile, a small stage set up in front of Our Lady of Carmel Church will host a local band playing light music.

Highlights include Portuguese-inspired cuisine featuring roasts and typical dishes from the aforementioned countries and territories plus a Macau Grand Prix Simulator and traditional Portuguese games such as pole climbing, bigfoot, tug of war and sack racing. Kids can enjoy group games and a table-football competition. All residents and visitors are welcome to participate in the event, discovering Portuguese customs while having a wonderful time!