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World Famous Automobiles, Yachts and Business Aviation Brands on Display in Macao31 Oct 2018

Macao will welcome once again world famous manufacturers of automobiles, yachts and business jets in international exhibitions running simultaneously 2nd to 4th November at the Cotai Expo, Macau Fisherman's Wharf and Macau International Airport.

The 8th China (Macau) International Automobile Exposition, which will be held at the Cotai Expo of The Venetian Macao, occupies some 65 thousand square metres, three exhibition halls themed 'China-Made Autos', 'Extremely Luxurious Cars' and 'Imported Autos', and nine exhibition zones featuring different specialities.

Over 200 famous auto brands and relevant companies from 20 different countries and regions are attending the Exposition, showcasing over 400 automobiles. Some 10 high level professional forums, with 20 events related to car culture, will be held during the Exposition, enabling attendees to have a better understanding of the auto culture. China (Macau) Automotive and Shipping Equipment Fair 2018 will also be held on this occasion.

The 8th China Macau International Yacht Import & Export Fair occupies a 30 thousand square metre exhibition area at Macau Fisherman's Wharf with 50 famous international brands on parade. In addition, there will be shows of fashionable and trending products, industry development forums, high-end cocktail parties, professional recruitment campaigns, cultural promotions, seafaring experiences, sailing events and other activities.

The 2018 Macau Business Aviation Exhibition will incorporate two exhibition zones, with the indoor exhibition area set up in the Macao Convention Centre and the outdoor exhibition area on the south apron of Macau International Airport. World famous business jet manufacturers include Bombardier, Dassault Group, Textron, Honda and so forth, together with business jet operators from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao participating in the Exhibition. Related forum and helicopter themed aviation simulation will also be held during the exhibition.

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