• Museum Shops for Only-in-Macau Items

    If you are looking for souvenirs that could only come from Macau, the museum shops are a good place to look. The Grand Prix Museum has some wonderful books, videotapes and other items connected to Macau's most important sporting event, and the world's foremost Formula 3 competition.

    Other Museum shops, like the one at the Macau Museum, have a variety of souvenirs, many of them beautifully crafted and unique to Macau. The Maritime Museum offers fascinating books and imaginative gifts like model kits for the unique "lorchas" that plied the waters around Macau in earlier times and other beautifully designed souvenirs with a nautical touch.

    Cultural Club is housed in an authentic old pawnshop (an valuable historic & cultural heritage) on San Ma Lo in the centre of Macau. It consists of five areas, the first and second areas are the "Pastry Gallery"and "Arts Plaza" with the souvenirs, postcards, fine arts, clothes and accessories. The third area namely "Jin Yong Library" where the famous Jin Yong specialized novels are housed. Inside the library, the fourth area namely "Water-Teahouse" provides a comfortable resting place for visitors and tourists to take a rest. The fifth area is the "Cultural Exhibition Hall". Painting, fine arts, Chinese folk arts exhibitions are held regularly.

  • Taipa Flea Market

    The Taipa Flea Market takes place every Sunday in a picturesque area of Taipa Island, between Bombeiros Square and Camões Square in the heart of the old village.

    There are many booths selling traditional crafts and souvenirs, food and beverages, brand name items and trifles, clothes, toys and other products. From 11 am to 8 pm., during the fair, there are cultural and recreational events at Maia de Magalhães Square. There are convenient car parks and public transportation in the area.

  • Cakes and Cookies

    Taipa Island is famous for its traditional cookies, and in the old village there are shops that have been baking and selling the same fragrant sweet morsels for generations. In Macau you may find pastry shops at the Av. Infante D. Henrique, Av. D. João IV , Travessa de S. Domingos, and along Rua de S. Paulo, near St. Paul's. Many other delectable confections found in local shops make good presents with the "taste of Macau" for visitors to take home with them. A famous Portuguese specialty in Macau is "Pastéis de Nata", little egg tarts, which are sold at good cafes and bakeries in the city and Coloane. They are best when eaten warm from the oven.